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At the foot of the southern mountain slopes near the Black Sea coast is situated the resort of Sveti Vlas. It is 10 km from the historical city of Nessebar. St. Vlas occupies the northern part of the bay, near which is the international resort Sunny Beach and Elenite and Bourgas Airport is 30 kilometers to the south. The unique location between the mountains and the Black Sea determines the specific climate of Sveti Vlas, which is favorable for the treatment of many diseases. Away from the noise and dust of the big city and also bordering the sea and the mountains, it is a great place for restoration in all seasons. Its peculiar location determines a favorable climate with maximum sunny days (240-260 yearly) with comparatively mild winter. The presence of air currents between the sea and the nearby mountain gorge determines a gentle, pleasant and unique natural phenomenon, which cleans the air from dust and other irritants. The natural sea aerosol together with the crystal clear air are natural benefits with powerful healing effect on bronchial asthma and other chronic lung diseases. Not accidentally, only 1 km away is located the only sea sanatorium in the country. The combination of sea and mountains and the prevailing Mediterranean climate make St. Vlas a preferred tourist destination. The beach has a size of 16 000 square meters with length of shoreline 1000 meters and an average width of 16.4 meters. At the east end of the beach is situated the water base of the local fishermen, and next to it is a modern yacht dock. The microclimate enhances the development of the main industry, tourism and forms part of the Bulgarian Black Sea “Riviera” – Nessebar-Sunny Beach- Sveti Vlas – Elenite.